My Top 10 Songs of January 2013

Whether from January or a little bit before, these are the songs I found myself listening to most in the first month of 2013.

10. Justin Timberlake – Suit and Tie

A grower.


9. 2AM Club – Too F**cked Up To Call

Juvenile, but catchy and fun as f**k.


8. Blood Diamonds f. Grimes – Phone Sex

Sultry, catchy, light. A statement.


7. Bastille – Pompeii

Big things are on the horizon for Bastille.


6. Foals – My Number

Could not stop singing this chorus. Welcome back lads.


5. ASAP Rocky f. 2Chainz, Drake, Kendrick Lamar – F**king Problems

Crass, for sure, but one of the catchiest hip-hop songs I’ve heard in a long time.


4. Paper Crows – Disarm

What a brilliant cover. I cannot let this song out of my mind.


3. Chvrches – Lies

What a debut. Unfathomably good. Absurdly catchy.


2. The Knife – Full of Fire

I could write 10,000 words on what I think of this song, and a hundred large on what I think of them. Unparalleled in all of music, this is the sound of The King and The Queen taking back their thrones. Majestic, vital, bludgeoning.


1. Chvrches – The Mother We Share

I simply adore this melody. I think this band is on the cusp of some big things. When you make a song as good as this, all it needs is ears; the getting big part will work itself out. So fresh, so nostalgia-inducing, so, so good.

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