Top 20 Songs of April 2015

My 20 Favourite songs of April, 2015:

20. Of Monsters and Men – Crystals


19. Walk Off The Earth – Rule The World


18. Modest Mouse – The Best Room


17. The Mowgli’s – I’m Good


16. Courtney Barnett – Depreston


15. American Authors – Believer


14. Action Bronson – Easy Rider


13. Florence And The Machine – What Kind Of Man


12. Jack U – Where Are U Now f. Justin Bieber


11. Ms Mr – Painted


10. Sufjan Stevens – Should Have Known Better


9. Tame Impala – Let It Happen


8. The Helio Sequence – Stoic Resemblance


7. Hot Chip – Need You Now


6. Destra Garcia – Lucy


5. Dear Rouge – Black to Gold


Bonus: Awolnation – Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)

Already made one of my lists earlier in the year, but that beat kept on coming. This song is a monster.


4. Brandon Flowers – Can’t Deny My Love

Can’t deny how brilliant and hook-filled this lead single to Flowers’ 2nd solo album is.


Bonus: Heems – Soup Boys (from Jan 2013)

Just came across this behemoth. The lyrics are funny and the beat is enticing like cake is with icing.


3. Bear In Heaven – Autumn

It’s so easy to get lost in the majestic haze of this song. A testament to its power, as soon as it’s finished, I want to immediately press replay.


2. Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (Handbag House vs. Krazy Kat Bootleg Mix)

So absurd. So gitchy. So good. Way, way better than the original.


Bonus: Manic Street Preachers – The Holy Bible (entire album)

I saw these Welsh legends perform The Holy Bible in its entirety when their tour stopped in Toronto — man, am I thankful I decided to go to that show. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t get into this album when it was released in 1994. I’m elated to say that I finally found it. And what a revelation it’s been to me in the brief time I’ve come to know it. It’s massive, melodic, a monument of rock ‘n roll, punk, and art. I’m in love with the entire album, front to back. This album dominated me in April as I played these tracks time after time. Here are a few of the outstanding tracks from that seminal, jaw-breaking record:


1. A Silent Film – Tomorrow

Couldn’t get enough of this track. This is a nostalgia-inducing, melody-indebted, mountain-climbing, mega-sized gem of a song. “Tomorrow, tomorrow, you’ll find out tomorrow…” Over and over and over, until the number on the calendar changes. Then I can sing it again, tomorrow.

A Mother’s Mark

I’ve got a good mother.

Her voice is what I hold dear.

In her eyes, I see something near.


It’s said that mothers are home builders. That’s inherently limiting and not nearly reflective enough of a mother’s role and value.

Life can be chaotic — jobs, pain, hopes, kids, grief, everything in between and outside of that.

Amidst this chaos — what we call life — mothers have always been expected to build homes. Minds have opened and roles have changed, but societies from the distant past until now, archaic though some of them may be, have told us this is how it is. It’s nature, so they say. It’s nurture, so she gives.

It’s a fact that mothers are more than this (patriarchal) rigidity.

Mothers are women. Mothers are foundations. Mothers are sensitive. Mothers are strong. Mothers are vital. Mothers are moon and mothers are sun. Mothers are imperfect. Mothers are superheroes. Mothers are human beings.

They don’t just build homes, they build children, families, us. All while building themselves.

A mother’s mark is in this building, and this building is a monument.

A mother’s mark is in the way her offspring treat and view the world.

Mothers are like spring, providing an environment for their children to blossom and unfurl.

We are reflections of our mothers, and we are lucky for this.

We are protected by our mothers, and we are lucky for this.

A mother is a teacher. A guide. A friend. A lawmaker. A judge. An occasional executioner.

A mother’s mark is in the way that we cope. It’s how we understand hope.

A mother’s mark is constant, a force while she’s present, an even bigger one when she’s absent.

The mark of a mother is something I don’t think I’ll ever fully comprehend.

Mothers live. The luckiest of us have them for a long time.

Mothers also die. Yet a mother’s spirit, power, influence, and place in our memories never does.

I’m not sure about God. But I’m sure about grace, humility, compassion, dignity, and love. Why? Because I’ve seen these things in my mother.

If every word I said for the rest of my life was thank you, it still wouldn’t suffice, the debt I owe her would remain unpaid. Such is a mother’s mark.

Whatever good I am, I am because of my mother.

I’ve got a good one.

Her love is what I hold dear.


This piece is dedicated to all mothers, and to my mother, Christa Gampp.


Christa and Paco Gampp.