Top 100 Songs of 2013 (100-81)

Top 100 2013

I think 2013 was a brilliant year for new music; it was just as good as 2012 (which I thought at the time was the best year for songs in many moons) or better. There’s no way I could make a strict Top 100 Songs of the Year list and feel good about myself, though I don’t want to go as overboard as I did last year, where many numbers on that list had a part A) and a B). I’m going to hold off on playing that card, as want to fall in line with my prediction that in 2014, we’ll see “restraint” adopted more and more as a thoughtful, progressive lifestyle choice — bahahaha, sorry I can’t continue that sentence any longer. The complete opposite will prove true. Shit be cray; restraint seems like a relic of a long lost world, like the crystals of the Mayan civilization, Tesla’s time machine, and when you could count on your breakfast cereal containing all the GMO’s your (growing) body could handle

There will be no A)’s and B)’s on this list, but I’ve still got to find a way to massage the proceedings to ensure maximum comfort, so I’ve chosen to include two or more songs by a particular band/artist in some spots. I’ve found that on many occasions, it’s difficult to discern which song of a given band/artist is the “best,” so I’m going to forego that agony altogether. For instance, I really like Lorde’s “Tennis Court” and “400 Lux”. I wouldn’t say one song is better than the other, nor can I decide which one I like more, so I’ve listed them together. This happens several times over the course of this list. (I’ve also decided to include an audio link to each song when this happens — why should one track get daps over another!?)

Lastly, some might think that songs placed at the low end of this or any list aren’t worth sharing/remembering/exploring. This could not be further from the truth. So much good music was released in 2013, that to be listed anywhere in the top 100 should be a huge source of pride for these songs (if songs knew about this list, and if songs could feel pride. I love anthropomorphism!). Music continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. All it takes is a little time and effort to seek out the best of the best.

Here are my Top 100 Songs of 2013:

100. Mereki – Blue Lake


99. Astral Pattern – When We’re Falling


98. Churchill – Change


97. Lorde – Tennis Court/400 Lux

Tennis Court:

400 Lux:


96. The Thermals – Faces Stay With Me


95. Stereophonics – In A Moment/Indian Summer/Graffiti On The Train

In A Moment:

Indian Summer:

Graffiti On The Train:


94. St. Lucia – Too Close


93. The Naked and Famous – Rolling Waves


92. Janelle Monae f. Miguel – Primetime


91. Two Door Cinema Club – Changing Of The Seasons


90. Charli XCX – You (Ha Ha Ha)/Grins/Superlove

You (Ha Ha Ha):




89. Lover Lover – Young Free


88. One Republic – If I Lose Myself/I Lived

If I Lose Myself:

I Lived:


87. The Virgins – Wheel Of Fortune/Flashbacks, Memories, and Dreams

Wheel Of Fortune:

Flashbacks, Memories, and Dreams:


86. We Are Wolves – Sun


85. The Knife – Raging Lung


84. Junip – Line of Fire


83. The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather


82. Jay-Z – Nickels and Dimes


81. Youth Lagoon – Mute

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