Your Majesty

Majestic, but just from a distance

apoplectic, but just from indifference


constructed, of pinprick pride

conflicted, of seasick tide


maniacal, not whole but in part

mechanical, but just in the heart


framed, colours shrieking with vibrancy

famed, pictures sinking despite buoyancy


mighty, with a toll on the centre

brightly, not as much as the mentor


protracted, a battle for the denizens

contracted, space for the inhabitants


bafflement, at the height of a hover

malnourishment, to the needs of a lover


pardoned, with nary a trial

convicted, of lighting the pyre


majestic, but just from a distance

lethal, but just to existence

A Separation

A howling, cold, blustery wind,

a contract is broken, a pact to rescind,

A measure of mettle,

in a garden of rusty metal,

Where inhaling is frozen,

and exhaling breeds echoes,

Silence is tension,

warmth’s apprehension,

A pair of eyes, scour the room,

a pair of eyes, heavy with gloom,

Care has been taken,

callous hearts, roots shaken,

Ink stains on paper,

memories of pain, tapered,

Muscles tight, a nervous twitch,

signing stalls, a minor hitch,

Hesitation, but not for long,

reservation, all but gone,

Eyes gloss over with clear,

eyes betray, a moment of fear,

The end has come,

for some yet for none,

What’s done is done,

black eclipses the sun.