A Separation

A howling, cold, blustery wind,

a contract is broken, a pact to rescind,

A measure of mettle,

in a garden of rusty metal,

Where inhaling is frozen,

and exhaling breeds echoes,

Silence is tension,

warmth’s apprehension,

A pair of eyes, scour the room,

a pair of eyes, heavy with gloom,

Care has been taken,

callous hearts, roots shaken,

Ink stains on paper,

memories of pain, tapered,

Muscles tight, a nervous twitch,

signing stalls, a minor hitch,

Hesitation, but not for long,

reservation, all but gone,

Eyes gloss over with clear,

eyes betray, a moment of fear,

The end has come,

for some yet for none,

What’s done is done,

black eclipses the sun.

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