Top 25 Songs of June 2016

June was LIT! The month featured a lot of sneaky good tunes, and for me, two amazing covers. Here’s the list:

25. M83 f. Beck – Time Wind

24. Band of Skulls – Bodies

23. The Joy Formidable – A Second In White

No video available at present. Cool track.

22. Drake & Rihanna – Too Good

No video available.

21. Fifth Harmony f. Missy Elliott – Not That Kinda Girl

20. YG, Drake, Kamaiyah – Why You Always Hatin?

19. Sam Sparro – Happiness (The Magician Remix)

18. Jamie XX – SeeSaw

17. Hinds – Bamboo

16. Chemical Brothers – Swoon/Dig Your Own Hole

15. Hannah Georgas – Don’t Go

14. John Grant – GMF

13. The Strokes – Oblivius

12. Dan Deacon – Meme Generator/Learning To Relax

11. The Temper Trap – Burn

10. DJ Shadow f. Run The Jewels – Nobody Speak

9. Gorgon City – Doubts

8. Usher – Crash

7. Sundara Karma – Flame (Roosevelt Remix)

6. Rihanna – Kiss It Better (R3hab Remix)

5. The Tragically Hip – In A World Possessed By The Human Mind

Long live The Hip.

4. Andy Hull & Robert McDowell – Montage (from Swiss Army Man soundtrack)

Andy Hull is a genius.

3. Monarchy – Lost Cause

What a cover.

2. Disturbed – The Sound of Silence

An even better cover. This is chill-inducingly good.

1. Broods – Heartlines

Co-written with Lorde, this is a massive hit.

Top 100 Songs of 2012 (75-51)

75. a) Lower Dens – Brains

The best, most earwormy song on Nootropics.


75. b) Young Galaxy – Youth Is Wasted On The Young

Can’t wait for their next LP. Appetite whetted just enough with “Youth is Wasted On The Young”.

74. Citizens! – True Romance (Gigamesh remix)

So catchy. Much more compelling than the original IMO. Hercules and Love Affair vs. La Roux vs. Erasure.


73. a) The Big Pink – Stay Gold

The only song (and a very good one at that) worth mentioning from Future This. Had huge hopes for their 2nd LP. On to the next one boys.


73. b) Rita Ora – How We Do (Party)

One of the better pop tunes of 2012.


72. Azari & III – Manic/Reckless (With Your Love)

“Manic” and “Reckless (With Your Love)” are both fantastic dance/house tracks from the Toronto collective.


71. Shad – A Milli Vanilli/It Ain’t Over

Taken aback by the phenomenal sample work in both tracks. Lenny would be proud of “It Ain’t Over”.


70. Best Coast – No One Like You

Sweet, sweet neo-soul/pop. I can’t believe how good they perform this song live.


69. a) Usher – Climax

Great production by Diplo and vocal by Usher. His best in a while.

69. b) Placebo – The Extra

The best song on their B3 EP, it’s a sonic departure for Placebo, one I hope they follow up on with their 2013 LP.


68. The Vaccines – Teenage Icon

Whether it’s immediate or a slow dig, this song will attack you. I really enjoy their take on jangly alternative/pop.


67. Robbie Williams – Into The Silence

Robbie does U2 and The Killers. He’s never done a song like this before, and I’m so glad he finally has. Robbie’s vocal and the production are both exemplary.


66. Wild Nothing – Paradise/Nocturne

The 80’s in stereo. Flighty, dreamy records, both of them.


65. a) The Antlers – Drift Drive

Still haven’t lost their grand emoting abilities. What a hook.


65. b) Atlas Genius – Trojans

Wickedly catchy. Wonderful tune.


64. High Contrast – The Road Goes On Forever/All There Is (f. Liane Carroll)

Bursting at their seams. Or more likely, they never had seams to begin with.

63. Ellie Goulding – Atlantis/Figure 8/Only You

Ms. Goulding issued one of the best pop albums of the year — maybe one of the best albums of the year in general.


62. a) Matchbox 20 – She’s So Mean

Great comeback tune. Always were extremely talented songwriters. No surprise they’ve found another.


62. b) Marina & The Diamonds – The Archetypes/Primadonna/Fear and Loathing/Teen Idle

“Primadonna”, “Fear and Loathing”, and “Teen Idle” are by far the strongest triumvirate of songs on Marina’s Electra Heart album, but it’s actually a non-album track, the minute long teaser, “The Archetypes”, that moved me the most. I really wish she’d made this an album track as it’s constructed here, but longer.


61. Muse – Panic Station/Big Freeze/Follow Me

After “Madness”, which resides in another realm altogether, these three tracks are the best representatives of the new Muse, the most ambitious Muse to date.

60. Ramona Falls – Proof/Sqworm/Spore

Lovely set of songs.


59. a) Tacabro – Tacata

How could I not. Guilty pleasures don’t get more guilty than this. This is unquestionably 10-15 years, no chance of parole.


59. b) Susanne Sundfor – White Foxes

What a majestic song. It sounds exactly like a serenade to white foxes.


58. Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone/The World Is Watching

Super strong lead single, and a wonderful departure from their norm on “The World Is Watching”.

57. Ed Sheeran – Drunk/Small Bump/Lego House

Three fantastic songs from one of the albums of the year. And three great videos to boot. Ed Sheeran’s way with melody is sublime.


56. a) Hey Ocean! – Big Blue Wave/Make A New Dance Up

I wish this kind of pop found a bigger audience.


56. b) Joe Goddard – Gabriel (f. Valentina)

Striking. Superb use of looping/sampling.

55. a) Rihanna – Diamonds

She might have taken an extended dip in the deep end, but she still can still release a hit. A powerful, grandiose tune.

55. b) No Doubt – Settle Down

It’d been 11 years since their last LP. To come back to a vastly different musical landscape from the one they left all those years ago with something this strong is a testament to their cohesion and talent. You can tell they’re having tonnes of fun being back together.


54. The Killers – From Here On Out/The Way It Was/Deadlines and Commitments/Heart of a Girl

I think the line from Deadlines and Commitments, “there is a place, here in this house, that you can stay,” is apropos of Battle Born, and in general, The Killers as a band. They’re slightly awkward in the way they express things, but they’re welcoming, of everyone. These four tracks are all highlights from a strong, extremely consistent, huge pop/rock album.


53. mewithoutYou – February, 1878

Really like this song. It’s full of dynamic shifts, energy, aggression, forbearance, and hooks.


52. a) Greg Laswell f. Ingrid Michaelson – Landline

Tender and becoming. The male/female harmony works wonders here.

52. b) Netsky – Come Alive

Great party track with a supreme build-up from Belgium’s son. To the (Net)sky and beyond.


51. a) We Have Band – Tired of Running

First-rate melody, production, and vocal.


51. b) St. Lucia – All Eyes On You

Marvellous song. Rife with hooks and shimmering production.