Connect The Dots, With Words

A little game I like to play, called Connect The Dots, With Words:

Mary Elizabeth MastrAntonio Cromartie’s uncountable Kids In The Hall, Scott, Nash, Kevin, and Hogan, Hulk-amania’s running wild on you, but at a noticeably limpier pace than 23 years (wake me up, before you go) (a)go-gol BordelLow Riders on The Storm Cloud Atlas ShruggEd O’Neill and Katy Segal, with two commendable performances as Leela and GEmma WatSon’s of AnarchaeoloJesus Walks, by Kanye West End Girls by Pet Shop Boyz N The Hood, Robin Williams, Robbie ColTrain’s Drops of Jupiter in her Hairspray tantaMount OlymPuss in Bootleg Jean (Rage Against The) Machine washAbel and Caine, Michael Jackson, Prince, pre-symbol, when he was pumping out hits like Raspberry BerEtta James, LeBronski BeatNick Cage The Elephantiasis of the scrotum is a really big problem to Hava Na(r)gil(a)(e), or Hookah, but not the kind that Lafayette calls everyOne of Us by ABBatman and Robin, and since I’ve already used Robin, I should probably end things here.

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